Gísli Ólafsson

Gísli Ólafsson is the CEO and founder of Eirium Technologies. He is a senior level technology visionary with 30+ years of international experience from diverse fields, such as education, humanitarian response, medical diagnostics, venture capital, investment banking, non-profit, software development, and information technology. He has a long term trusted technology advisor to national governments, non-profit organisations, private sector companies, startups, and international organisations.

Ósk Sigurðardóttir

Ósk Sigurðardóttir is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of TravAble, an accessibility app for elderly and people with disabilities. She also works in healthcare, at the CEO's office of the National University Hospital of Iceland. Ósk teaches Lean Management and helps develop the capabilities of the front-line teams to manage and continuously improve their work, and helps teams maximize customer value while minimizing waste. She is a freelancer in Ergonomics for companies, has worked for Air Iceland Connect, Engineering companies, Associations, unions and smaller companies all over Iceland.

Ingi Björn Sigurðsson

Ingi Björn Sigurðsson is an Investment Manager at Nýsköpunarsjóður, the New Business Venture Fund that invests at seed and early stage in promising growth companies. Previous to his positition at the New Busienss Venture Fund, Ingi Björn served as project manager at Icelandic Startups. He is a co-founder and CEO of Point Zero and co-founder of Brum Funding ehf, a platform for Icelandic Entrepreneurs and small and medium size companies to seek founding from professional and amateur investors.

Bjarni Herrera

Bjarni Herrera has a background in law and banking and gathered a valuable management and leadership experience serving as the Secretary of the Board at Arion Bank for close to five years. He completed a top 100 MBA and enjoyed four years in Asia studying and working in management positions. Bjarni Herrera is currently building a leading Nordic sustainability consulting firm.

Ragna Sara Jónsdóttir

Ragna Sara Jónsdóttir founded FÓLK, an Icelandic design and lifestyle company, in 2017. After completing a BA in anthropology, she worked in print and broadcast media which earned her experience she wouldn’t trade for a million, but also a media prize for best articles on environmental issues. Ragna then completed an MSc. degree in international business administration at Copenhagen Business School. After graduation, she founded a consultancy with a focus on corporate social responsibility where her clients included the United Nations Development Program, Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Íslandsbanki.

Regína Bjarnadóttir

Regína Bjarnadóttir is the Executive Director of the Aurora Foundation. She has served as the Head of Research at Arion bank, one of the largest banks in Iceland, and worked as an economist in the Economic department of the Central Bank of Iceland. She was a programme manager with UNDP in Guyana 2005-2007 and a commodity specialist with CRU Analysis and CRU Strategies in London from 2001 to 2005.

Magnús Orri Schram

Magnús Orri Schram is a strategy consultant and entrepreneur. He is teaching entrepreneurship in MBA studies at Reykjavik University and is an associate partner at Capacent Iceland - Consulting in strategy and organisational behaviour. Magnús was a Member of Parliament in 2009 -2013 and the Director of international business at Blue Lagoon Products 2006-2009.

Rakel Garðarsdóttir

Rakel Garðarsdóttir is the a producer and managing director at Vesturport and founded the movement AWAKE (VAKANDI) in 2014 to increase awareness on food waste in Iceland. She is the producer and directer of the documentary film, UseLess. The documentary focuses on finding out why food and fashion waste has become such a pressing social and environmental problem and what can be done to change it.

Matthew Claudel

Matthew Claudel is a designer, researcher and writer focused on the opportunities and challenges of civic innovation. Matthew has been published widely in the fields of architecture, scientometrics, technology, and art, and co-authored two books: Open Source Architecture and The City of Tomorrow. He co-founded designX, a new initiative in the MIT School of Architecture + Planning that accelerates student ventures in design-innovation for the built environment, and he remains on the leadership team as the Head of Civic Innovation.

Rósbjörg Jónsdóttir

Rósbjörg Jónsdóttir founded Cognitio in 2016, a private organisation that specialises in corporate consulting and event creation, with emphasis on social impact. She is a partner of SPI in Iceland, a co-founder and co-owner of the annual What Works Summit in Iceland. Rósbjörg took part in the build up of the Iceland Geothermal Cluster Initiative, and led and managed the mapping and implementation of the Iceland Tourism cluster initiative, as well as the Health cluster initiative.

Páll Ríkharðsson

Páll Ríkharðsson is a professor at the School of Business at the Reykjavik University. He has over 25 years of practical and academic experience with performance management, information technology, CSR, sales management and contracting in a wide variety of industries and settings around the world.

Sandra Mjöll Jónsdóttir Buch

A certified biomedical scientist, adjunct Professor in human genetics at the University of Iceland and a PhD. Candidate in Molecular Life Sciences. She has years of management experience from within the service industry and oversees the company management. Sandra has been awarded for scientific excellence and was nominated as the Oustanding Young Person of the Year 2016 by JCI.

Bárður Örn Gunnarsson

Bárður Örn Gunnarsson is the CEO and owner of Svartitindur Consulting, the CEO of Lava Centre, Board member at Frumbjörg Welfare Technology Incubator and Advisory Board Member at Overcast Software and TravAble. He is the former Director of Communication at Nordic Innovation, a Nordic institute facilitating growth in the Nordics (Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). Founder of #NordicMade and an instigator in the opening of Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley and New York and Nordic Innovation Incubator in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

Rúna Thors

Rúna Thors studied product design at Design Academy Eindhoven and holds an MA Degree in Applied Studies in Culture and Communication (Hagnýt menningarmiðlun) from the University of Iceland. She has taught in the Programme of Product Design at Iceland University of the Arts since 2011 and worked as Project Manager for the Department of Design and Architecture from 2015 before assuming the role of Programme Director for Product Design in 2017. Rúna approaches her subject matters through experimentation and emphasises an open and creative process, trusting in methodology to lead her to unexpected findings. She has worked on various design projects and curation, individually and as part of collectives such as Attikatti, Whitehorse and TOS.

Magnús Þór Torfason

Magnús Þór Torfason heads the Masters Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Iceland School of Business and teaches in the MSc and MBA programs at the school. His research focuses on how behaviour is influenced by the social structures of individuals and organisations, including how social networks and group identities jointly affect adherence to informal societal rules and norms of behaviour. His research has been published in the American Sociological Review and profiled in media outlets such as Bloomberg.

Viktoría Valdimarsdóttir

Viktoría Valdimarsdóttir is the founder and managing director of Responsible Solutions, which offers companies, institutions and municipalities consultancy, training and digital solutions in implementing sustainability into their strategy and ESG reporting. She holds a BS in economics (Cand.Oecon) from the University of Iceland and a Master's degree in entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as a degree in sustainable development and social innovation from the University of Luxembourg. Viktora has an extensive experience as a marketing director in Iceland but has for the past few years been living and working in Luxemborg.

Héðinn Unnsteinsson

Héðinn Unnsteinsson is currently working as senior policy consultant at Capacent Iceland. Prior Héðinn was a senior policy analyst in the Prime Minister’s (PM) office in Iceland focusing on, among other things, macro policy analysis and coordination of governmental policies and plans. Héðinn holds an M.Sc in International Policy Analysis from the University of Bath (2003). Héðinn started work within mental health in 1994. Héðinn was an entrepreneur in mental health promotion and user’s and careers empowerment and social inclusion in Iceland from ’94-‘01.

Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir

Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir is the Managing Director of Festa, a non-for-profit center focusing on a broad based peer-to-peer and public-private partnerships and excellence in social responsibility, SDGs and CSR. She is the chair of the Technology Development Fund for Innovation in Iceland, member of the World Economic Forum's Global Expert Network, a Yale Greenberg World Fellow, as well as a Young Global Leader and a Cultural Leader at the World Economic Forum.

Sigtryggur Baldursson

Sigtryggur Baldursson is the Managing Director of Iceland Music. He is a musician and a founding member of the Sugarcubes and the Smekkleysa label in Iceland. He sits on various boards on behalf of Iceland Music, and is still very active as an artist in the local and international music scene.

Kristinn Jón Ólafsson

Kristinn Jón Ólafsson is the project manager of Reykjavík Smart City. He is a co-founder and mentor at Toppstörðin, a TV programme that follows entrepreneurs development from idea stage to prototype product launch. He is the CEO and founder of Breki, a natural Icelandic superfood made of fish, and was the CEO and founder of EcoMals (Eco-Friendly Animals), which is an edutainment for children and the whole family, dedicated to promote an Eco-Friendly lifestyle in a positive way.

Jarþrúður Ásmundsdóttir

Jarþrúður Ásmundsdóttir is the Head of business development and marketing at Icelandic Startups and the Managing Director of CP Reykjavík. Jarþrúður has an extensive managing experience. She was the Managing Director of Ölgerðin Visitor Centre, Deputy Human Resource Manager at Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Marketing Specialist at Opin Kerfi, as well as Executive Director of the Independence Party Youth Organisation.

Kristján Guy Burgess

Kristján Guy Burgess is the Executive Director of Global Center Iceland/RIA. Kristján is a consultant and entrepreneur, consulting on strategic issues, International affairs, government relations and public affairs through Global Center Iceland. He founded a consultancy on responsible investment called RIA. He served as the General Secretary of the Social Democratic Alliance, was a NATO Civilian Liaison to the United Nations and a political adviser to the Minister for foreign Affairs in 2009 - 2013.

Brandur Karlsson

Following a close encounter with death, Brandur Karlsson realised that the only thing really worth doing is to help people and improve our shared existence. He is the CEO of Icelandic Art Association and founder of the List. He is the chairman of the board of Frumbjörg, an innovation centre and start-up incubator in Reykjavík which offers a home to those working on developing next generation assistive and welfare-oriented technologies.

Kate Mytty

Kate Mytty is a researcher, urban planner and artist focused on strategies for equitable cities. She focuses on strategies for alternative economies, how identity shapes access, and opportunities for social cohesion. She is a Visiting Lecturer at the MIT Center for Real Estate; co-founder of MIT Create an action-based lab for social equity, and Community Transformation Lead at Build Up. She also teaches at MIT D-Lab. 

Þorsteinn Kári Jónsson

Þorsteinn er verkefnastjóri framkvæmdastjórnar Marel, varaformaður Festu - miðstöðvar um samfélagsábyrgð og einn af mentorum Snjallræðis. Hann heldur meðal annars utan um sjálfbærni og samfélagslega ábyrgð Marel en starfaði áður sem ráðgjafi á sviði samfélagsábyrgðar og stefnumótunar. Þorsteinn hefur í gegnum tíðina aðstoðað bæði stór og smá fyrirtæki í að tengja saman stefnumótun og samfélagslega ábyrgð sína ásamt því að sinna kennslu á sviði sjálfbærni, siðfræði, samfélagsábyrgðar og stefnumótunar í háskólum landins. Þorsteinn er menntaður viðskiptafræðingur með áherslu á social entrepreneurship.

Ingi Rafn Sigurðsson

Ingi Rafn Sigurðsson is the CEO and founder of Karolina Fund, a crowdfunding platform for creative and artistic projects. He is the founder of Reykjavik Corner Store and the chairman of the Board of Ingi Rafn was the Managing Director of Reykjavik Arts Festival and worked amongst other things as a specialist at Arion Bank.