Teams of 2018

Successful Ageing

Successful Ageing is a centre where up-to-date knowledge is provided about issues related to older people. Big emphasis is on promoting and supporting implementation of person-centred care in elderly services in Iceland, in the aim of life being worth living despite health issues

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Our City is an online platform which enables cities to incentivise its citizens to take on various jobs to care for in their neighbourhood. This platform provides individuals for example with the opportunity to take it upon themselves to clean the local playground in exchange for a free recycling bin.


The goal TransportFootprint (Samgönguspor) is to provide a service that can assist employers in implementing an effective transportation demand policy. By creating simple and convenient incentive program for employees, greater number of employees will see the benefit of travelling by sustainable modes to and from work, thus reducing the overall carbon emissions of the employer. Research shows that implementing a transportation demand policy at workplaces and educational institutions is an effective way to change travel habits.

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BERGIÐ Headspace

Bergið Headspace is a centre where young people and / or their families can contact professionals and receive support. The centre is thought of as the first stop for any individual aged 25 or younger in need of professional assistance and support.

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Miðgarður is a building association that plans to build dense, green, low-rise neighbourhoods centrally located with a low priority for vehicles. As soon as automobiles do not have the space that they usually get, it will be easy to reach normal downtown densities with fewer floors. When centrally located the need for a private car is considerably less than elsewhere in the city. Thus the equation reaches stability.

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Healing Earth

Healing Earth aims at preventing toxins from accessing the ecosystem as well as cleaning up and recover damaged land. By cultivating carefully chosen species of fungi in contaminated areas, toxic land can be converted into viable ecosystems.

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