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What is Snjallræði?

Snjallræði is a 16-week growth space (incubator) that supports powerful teams that are passionate about solutions to contemporary challenges and support the United Nations' global goals. There may be solutions related to healthcare, welfare technology, improved education systems and equality issues. Snjallræði was founded by Höfði Peace Center in 2018 and has been run five times since the beginning. The growth space is in collaboration with MITdesignX and is the focus of workshops where experts from MIT come to the country and share their knowledge. Participants get access to education and training from national and foreign experts in the field of social issues and innovation and meetings with experienced mentors.


Participants in Snjallræði will have access to education and training from experts in social affairs and innovation and meetings with experienced mentors.

Arnar Sigurðsson

Founder, East of Moon

Kathryn Gunnarsson

Founder at Geko

Ævar Hrafn Ingólfsson

Senior Manager at KPMG Ísland / KPMG Law

Many successful projects participated last year

Eight teams were chosen to take part in the Snjallræði incubator in 2023. Over the course of 16 weeks, these teams achieved substantial progress, guided by experienced group of mentors.

Their projects spanned a wide array of issues, tackling diverse social challenges that impact individuals of all ages. This included initiatives aimed at supporting immigrants and individuals with mental health disorders, as well as projects dedicated to environmental issues and the challenges of climate change.

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16. May 2024

Snjallræði - Now open for applications!

💡Snjallræði is open for application until August 9, 2024

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14. May 2024

Introducing Snjallræði - From Idea to Impact

🚀Join us for an inspiring evening focused on social innovation

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